The New Heights Partnership

"What have you been involved recently?". This is probably the most asked question in the consultancy business, Everyone is curious to find out;

Q: Who have we been working for?

Q: What projects have we delivered?

Q: What were the results?

We have looked back at the recent entries in New Heights diary and summarised some of the more interesting details you may want to know about. So here is what we have done lately...

Lee has spent the last two years in a key project management role, enabling the Nationwide Building Society to implement successful training programmes as they introduced a new SAP banking platform and a new suite of current accounts.

It has been a phenomenal journey for all the people at Nationwide, and a testimony to their hard work and talent that the programme has been so incredibly successful.

The first stage was to ensure that the individuals developing the IT received specialist training required to build the technology. This was sourced from across the globe. With the new SAP platform in place, end users needed to know how it all worked.

A multi channel blended training solution was developed, over 100,000 e-learning modules were completed and over 3,000 hours of face to face training was delivered.

That particular roll out was quite a ride !

Claire's last 12 months have been as busy as ever with her usual variety of work and clients. Working with the Barclaycard service centres across the UK, Claire completed TNA, design, and role out of training for the customer complaints teams.

It's really important that we help the people answering the telephone to think like a customer. We can all find it frustrating, so we need to work hard to keep the customer happy - even if we cant change their final outcome.

As well as this work, Claire has also joined forces with the Nationwide Building Society. As part of the company's Transformation programme, Claire has delivered training to Mortgage Consultants (introducing a new system), and worked with all of the Customer Account Managers & Supervisors in the training roll out of the new current account suite.

They are truly great products, and a great opportunity for Nationwide to beat their competition.

Updated May 2013