The New Heights Partnership
"the work was of outstanding quality"
"the design exceeded all our clients expectations"
"in my opinion the best sales trainer in the UK"
"for an external I was really amazed how much they knew
about us"
"I would not hesitate to recommend New Heights"
"made me think about what its like to be a customer"
"the best course I have been on in 19 years!"
"wicked !!"
"I came cynical, and left optimistic, very good"
"I wish our managers had these skills"
"great to share best practice with everyone"
"very useful to get an external viewpoint of the industry"
"the trainer's sales background was really obvious to see"
"I thought I had nothing else to learn about management"
"the best trainer I've seen in this company"
"very involved training"
"loved the exercises and the energisers"
"what a shame we didn't have longer"
"should come and join us permanently "
"totally relevant"
"the most useful leadership course I've been on"
"really enthusiastic trainer walked the talk"
"great atmosphere in the training room"
"can we have more please"
"excellent trainer, made it easy to understand"